The difference a block makes…

After work today, our site manager took us on a very enlightening tour of the “Brad Pitt” houses in the 9th ward.  For those who do not know, the lower 9the ward was the area completely demolished by the breaking of a very near levee.  The “Pitt” houses are completely renovated with groundbreaking hurricane securities installed….to the few that are there.  I can honestly say that I was thrilled that so much had been done there!  But I did not realize that this was only a small part of a very large, very current problem.  Less than a block from the new houses there were houses peppered over the landscape, many with the now familiar mark of search parties, and storm winds.  Some were missing from their concrete slabs.  It made me miss KS very much, and made all of realize that even 5 years after Katrina, the work that needed to be done in New Orleans was greater than anyone had imagined.  They still need our help, and they still deserve our help!  It has been a joy to be here, and to be around these people.


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